Editorial Statute

“o electricista” – revista técnico-profissional.

Energy, telecommunications and security design, installation and conservation technologies.

Professional enhancement and technical information for electrical professionals.

“o electricista” respects the deontological principles of the press and professional ethics, so that he cannot pursue business purposes only or abuse the readers’ good faith by covering up or misrepresenting information.

Specialized periodical publication.

Copywriting Structure
Director – Professional with experience in the area of training.
Editorial Coordinator – Academic background in engineering field related to the object of the magazine.
Collaborators – Engineers and professional technicians who work in the field of publishing, training institutions and professional bodies.

The selection of technological content is the sole responsibility of the Director. The technical-informative news is proposed by the Editorial Coordinator. The magazine may publish news items for advertising purposes under the following conditions:
›With the title of Publi-Reportagem;
›News format with the text in the term Advertising.

Without prejudice to any new thematic areas that may be considered, the basic structure of the journal’s editorial organization comprises:

  • summary
  • lights
  • opinion space
  • market voices
  • quality space
  • KNX space
  • CPI space
  • high voltage
  • telecommunications
  • air conditioning
  • energy efficiency
  • technical article
  • News
  • basic electrotechnics
  • practical electricity plug
  • practical cases of ventilation
  • bibliography
  • thematic dossier
  • reportage
  • interview
  • case study
  • publish-report
  • technical-commercial information
  • technical market
  • comparative table (online edition)
  • Events calendar
  • Project
  • technical note
  • formation
  • ITED
  • technical office
  • publicity

Advertising is organized by page spaces and fractions, inserts and Publishing-Reports. The Advertising Table is valid for the European Economic Area. The percentage of advertising space may not exceed 1/3 of the pagination. The magazine’s management may refuse advertising whose message does not fit its editorial purpose. Advertising that does not comply with the general law of the activity will not be accepted.

The protocol agreements with professional, business and union structures aim exclusively at deepening the contents and dissemination of the magazine to its members.